Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice offers unparalleled training for future careers in pharmacy. Our innovative curriculum focuses on integrative health and putting the patient first. Our goal is to train students in the classroom and in the field to improve our society’s health and well-being.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice is an essential component of the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences as it is the home of our clinical pharmacy practice faculty, who are developing and delivering didactic and experiential curricula for the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

"Our clinical faculty are involved in collaborative research across a range of clinical foci, such as new drug clinical trials, drug adherence research, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoeconomics, and outcomes research."

- Alexandre Chan, Pharm.D., MPH, FCCP, FISOPP, BCPS, BCOP

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Strategic Plan for UCI Pharmacy

Since the start of 2021, pharmacy leaders from the UC Irvine School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPPS) and the UCI Medical Center’s Department of Pharmaceutical Services have met to discuss the strategic direction of the two units.

The UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences is part of the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences, which combines with the UCI Health clinical enterprise to form UCI Health Affairs. The synergy between UCI Health and the academic disciplines of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, public health, and integrative health, enables UCI to transform education, discovery, and patient care.

To expand the collaboration between the UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and the UCI Medical Center Department of Pharmacy, leaders from both units will focus on six strategic initiatives from 2021 through 2023. The six initiatives will serve as the foundation for longer-term strategic planning that will begin in 2023.

Clinical Pharmacy Practice News


To engage current and future pharmacists to enhance patient care, promote health equity, and advance science through education, collaboration, innovation, and health policy.


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice will be at the forefront of transforming pharmacy practice, education, and research.

Hero's work here
Amal Alachar pharm sci/SOM researches neurotransmitter systems, neural circuits, molecular pharmacology
photo: Steve Zylius/UCI

Pharmaceutical Sciences & Clinical Pharmacy Practice Intertwined

Collaborations within the Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences will allow interdisciplinary research and training in pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences and clinical pharmacy.

PharmD Scholarly Research Project

For questions, please email the UC Irvine School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Office of Research at

The SRP presents the PharmD student with an opportunity to develop and design a research project with mentor guidance. The project will focus on pharmacy and healthcare related topics, providing an opportunity for students to interpret results and create a plan for dissemination and utilization of research results to contribute to new knowledge. 

PharmD faculty, Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty, UCIMC preceptors, and affiliated pharmacist preceptors may mentor student projects; pharmacy residents may assist with supervision but should not be the primary mentor for student research (see below for details on resident projects).

Students are expected to invest approximately 200 hours of work over the course of the project (spanning 2 years). Hours include time spent in the classroom (PHMD 280A and 280B), evaluating background information, writing and submitting IRB proposals (as applicable), performing interventions, collecting and analyzing project data, drafting project updates, and developing a final poster suitable for public presentation.

This depends on the working style and preference of the preceptor and the scope of the project. Some mentors may choose to submit posters for national conferences or develop projects into manuscripts. Please refer to the Mentor-Student Agreement for the timelines and expectations. Note: It is not required that these projects result in abstract or manuscript submissions, but it is encouraged. 

Yes, under certain conditions, please email if you’d like to pursue this further. The intent of the scholarly research project is to allow the student to independently drive the development and completion of a research project. We want to ensure that the student is maintaining primary responsibility for steps leading to project completion. Data collection alone will not meet project requirements. Students may conduct follow-up analysis of resident project results, for example evaluation of long-term results from a resident-initiated program or protocol.

  • Find guidelines for authorship here.

Preceptors interested in serving as a mentor on a scholarly project can submit research ideas at any time here.

The student-preceptor relationship may organically lead to project ideas during the course of work in various pharmacy settings. Preceptors may team up to co-mentor a project for an individual or small group of students (max 4 students per group and max 2 mentors per group/project).

Students may identify and select projects as early as PY1. Students are expected to submit a signed mentor-student agreement and project synopsis at the beginning Fall quarter of PY2 per course requirements (PHMD280A). Students will complete an update in spring PY2 to summarize work completed, with poster formulation completed by spring PY3 (PHMD 280B). Final research results will be presented at the UCI SPPS Poster Symposium at the end of spring PY3.

PharmD students are trained in the generation of research questions and writing of research proposals, with attention paid to technical writing skills, defining relevant terms, and types of IRB-based research. Students are taught basic statistical analysis using SPSS, with additional support provided by SPPS faculty throughout the project.

Clinical Pharmacy Faculty

Christine Cadiz, PharmD, M.A., BCPSHealth Sciences Associate Clinical
Alexandre Chan, PharmD,
Professor and Founding Chair
Nana Entsuah, PharmDHealth Sciences Assistant Clinical
Shawn Griffin, PharmD, BCOPHealth Sciences Assistant Clinical
Jan Hirsch, BS Pharm, MS, PhD, FNAP Founding Dean and
Keri Hurley-Kim, PharmD, MPH, BCACP Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
Melanie Joe, PharmD, MPA, FCSHP
Founding Associate Dean for Pharmacy Professional
John Jones, BS Pharm, JD, FAMCPPart-Time Health Sciences Clinical Professor
Farah Khorassani, PharmD, BCPP Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
Joyce Lee, PharmD, FCCP,
Health Sciences Clinical Professor
Sarah McBane, PharmD, CDE,
Founding Associate Dean of Pharmacy Education
and Health Sciences Clinical Professor
Lee Nguyen, PharmD, APh, BCPS-AQ ID, BCIDPHealth Sciences Associate Clinical
Megan Nguyen, PharmDFounding Associate Dean of Pharmacy Student Affairs
and Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
Aya Ozaki, PharmDAssistant Professor of Clinical
Aryana Sepassi, PharmDAssistant Professor of Clinical
Jonathan Watanabe, PharmD, M.S, Ph.D., BCGP
Founding Associate Dean of Pharmacy Assessment and Quality
and Professor in Clinical Pharmacy
Cheryl Wisseh, PharmD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Clinical