Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the UCI School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences!

You have chosen to pursue a career in the dynamic and rapidly changing field of science and medicine. Everyday, pharmaceutical scientists are improving our society’s health and wellbeing in health care, academia, research, and government.

Our faculty include world-renowned scientists encompassing a variety of backgrounds with wide-ranging research programs that cover every facet of pharmaceutical research.

Our program will equip you with the scientific background to succeed in any biomedical professional school or career, but more importantly, we will train you to be transformative drivers of change. As pharmaceutical scientists, you will help advance medicine, apply innovation, and add healthy years to human life. After completing our program, you will undoubtedly play an integral role in shaping a brighter, healthier future. This is just the beginning of an exciting opportunity to make your mark in the world. We are delighted to have you in our program, and we look forward to working with you to see what we can accomplish together.

Student Affairs Office Learning Outcomes

The SPPS Students Affairs Office’s goal is to guide undergraduate students through a large research institution’s resources and services; the general education and major curriculum requirements; post-graduation planning; and their personal identity development and growth.  Below are the SAO’s learning outcomes for Pharmaceutical Sciences undergraduate students.

  • Knowledge of all the general education and major courses required to graduate with a UCI bachelor’s degree in four years.
  • Knowledge of academic support services within the departments and campus-wide.
  • Knowledge of physical and mental health support services offered on campus.
  • Knowledge of academic and university policies to enable successful navigation of university systems and the collegiate environment
  • Skills to manage class, study, work, and social time effectively to ensure success in and out of the classroom.
  • Skills to navigate challenging conversations with classmates and instructors/TAs during class and office hours.
  • Skills to seek out internship, research, and other professional development opportunities on and off campus.
  • Development of self-regulation, and learning when to reach out for help.
  • Development of critical thinking skills in and outside the classroom.
  • Development of a personal identity and social support communities.
  • Development of social issues awareness and interpersonal skills with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Development of professional soft skills for success in graduate education and/or future career aspirations.


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