Change of major requirements for Current UCI Students

Current UC Irvine students wishing to major in Pharmaceutical Sciences must meet the following requirements. Undergraduates wishing to major in Pharmaceutical Sciences should:

  1. Review Change of Major requirements
  2. Submit a Change of Major application through Student Access
  3. Attend a Change of Major workshop.
GPACumulative GPA of 2.5
Most recent quarterly GPA of 2.5
Course Grades3.0 minimum GPA for all UCI courses taken that count toward the major requirements.

3.0 minimum GPA for all transfer courses taken that count toward the major requirements.
Course RequirementsCompletion of Chem 1A-1C/LC-LD and Biological Sciences 93 and 94.
OtherStudents who have completed more than 90 units at UCI must have completed additional courses required to make normal progress toward completion of the degree within a timely manner (4 academic years for students admitted as freshmen, 3 academic years for transfer students).

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Required for Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences unless otherwise specified:

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Additional Requirements:

Additional Requirements for Fall 2020 Enrollment:


Community College Course Offerings and PharmSci Major Requirements 

Note: To complete the BS degree in two years, transfer students must complete all of the above-listed courses.

at are transferable to UC Irvine and the Pharmaceutical Sciences major.