Weian Zhao Inducted into the UCI Faculty Innovation Fellowship

On January 24, 2020, Dr. Weian Zhao was inducted into the UCI Faculty Innovation Fellowship. After coming to UCI as an associate professor, he cultivated his lab to perform research with a focus on developing solutions to address biomedical issues.

The Inaugural Faculty Recognition Reception was an opportunity to highlight the program, the fellows, their work, and our university. The faculty members were acknowledged based on their record of translating their society-impacting research. The ultimate goal is that the 17 fellows will serve as ambassadors to promote innovation across our campus as a whole. The fellows will also be provided with funds for their research, receive help in terms of starting up companies, and will have multiple collaboration and networking opportunities.

Dr. Zhao hopes to continue to promote innovation throughout our planned School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. He strives to help schools connect, and establish strong industry relations for therapeutic discoveries and is a helpful source for any students or faculty who want to pursue entrepreneurship. “I am honored to be a fellow representing the Pharmaceutical Sciences departments to promote innovation on UCI’s campus,” says Zhao.

To learn more about Dr. Weian Zhao, his lab and his research visit his website here.

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