UC Irvine Preceptors Awarded Long Foundation Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Tiffany Phung (left) and Michelle Nguyen (right) / PC: Michelle Mar

University of California, Irvine Medical Center pharmacists Michelle Nguyen and Tiffany Phung are the recipients of the University of California San Francisco prestigious Long Foundation Prize for Excellence in Teaching awards.

The Long Teaching Award is given to preceptors whom students select as outstanding clinical educators and is the highest teaching honor bestowed by the UCSF School of Pharmacy. These preceptors are recognized for applying knowledge of the basic health sciences to patient care, ensuring educational opportunities for students, and delivering the highest quality care for patients.

Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Phung are preceptors for the UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences student pharmacists and are responsible for guiding and mentoring them during their rotation at the UCI Medical Center.

“Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Phuong have always been and continue to be beloved preceptors among our student pharmacists,” says Erin Knox, director of experiential pharmacy education and volunteer clinical professor at the UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. “They are excellent mentors for student pharmacists, encouraging and allowing them to apply their knowledge and refine their patient care skills as part of multidisciplinary teams. Dr. Nguyen is known for cultivating an environment that balances being an exemplary role model while allowing students to provide autonomous patient care, while Dr. Phuong is a trailblazer who tailors rotations to ensure student pharmacists gain the most possible benefit while providing top-notch patient care.”­

“The UCSF Long Award for Outstanding Preceptors is a prestigious honor that recognizes quality clinical teaching,” says Melanie Joe, chief pharmacy officer at UCI Health. “We are fortunate to have a history of outstanding preceptors that consistently provide exceptional learning experiences and demonstrate innovative practice models while delivering the highest quality care for patients.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Phung were presented with their respective awards (Dr. Nguyen, 2021-2022 and Dr. Phung, 2019-2020) at a small gathering at the UCI Medical Center.

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