Pharmaceutical Sciences Alum Encourages Girls to seek Careers in STEM

Jasmin Arabit (left) stops for photo with Girls in STEM faculty Advisor Mahtab Jafari (right).

It was only recently that Jasmin Arabit, a Pharmaceutical Sciences Alum earning her PhD in Pharmacological Sciences here at UCI, was introduced to the non-profit organization Girls Inc. by professor Mahtab Jafari. Jasmin quickly learned that the goal of Girls Inc. is to focus on the development of the whole girl. Girls learn to value themselves, take risks, and discover and develop their inherent strengths. 

Jasmin later learned that Girls Inc. was looking for organizations to partner with that would allow for girls to navigate future careers in STEM. The need sparked an interest and together Dr. Jafari and Arabit worked together to create what is now Girls in STEM on campus.

Having grown up in a low-income community herself Arabit felt strongly about creating this new space for girls. “Our goal is to show young girls that they have options and to provide a sense of encouragement,” she says, “Girls inSTEM exists to  inspire young girls, particularly in low-income communities, to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM).”

 There is a visible need for more women to find interest in STEM fields, and connecting to younger generations is the answer. 

The future of the organization is exciting, with plans to launch Girls in STEM panel talks, online mentoring and nurturing relationships that teach young girls about the infinite opportunities that come with careers in STEM. “I am certain that her leadership will pay off very soon when we start to have meaningful collaborations with Girls Inc. and high schools in OC,” says faculty advisor Mahtab Jafari. If you are interested in learning more about Girls in STEM you can email with any questions. Make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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