Commencement Spotlight: Natalie Deeb

Natalie Deeb

Meet Natalie Deeb, a Class of 2021 graduate who earned a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is one of 119 graduates from the UCI School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences!

Q: What originally attracted you to pharmaceutical sciences?

Pharmaceutical sciences have always fascinated me! I think it is amazing that everyone is so unique and responds differently to medication. This makes it interesting to continue discovering new drugs and expanding our knowledge of how current drugs can be repurposed. A pharmacist is truly a lifelong learner and it excites me knowing that I will always be learning new things. 

Q: How did you come to the decision to pursue your degree at UCI?

I chose UCI because it was neither too close nor too far away from home, I love being around the beach area, and the campus is beautiful. On top of the great environment, the undergraduate program in pharmaceutical sciences is really rare and unique, which set apart UCI for me. 

Q: How has your UCI experience prepared you for the next chapter in your life?

During my time at UCI, I have had amazing professors who challenged me. I am especially grateful for the professors in the pharmaceutical sciences department who prepared me well for pharmacy school and the real-world interactions that I will have as a future healthcare provider. Besides the vast knowledge I have acquired in the classroom, I was humbled as I was always reminded of the importance of having compassion and empathy for my future patients. 

Q: Do you have any advice to future students entering the BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program?

I would encourage future students to take advantage of all the opportunities UCI offers such as clubs, being a peer tutor or learning assistant, and much more. Your college experience will be much more memorable if you put yourself out there and do not restrict yourself to just class and studying. If you are planning on pursuing the field of pharmacy in the future, having the social skills to form relationships will be super important, so I encourage you to start now; UCI is full of amazing people to form relationships with! 

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