Andrej Luptak Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is pleased to announce that Andrej Luptak, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship.

Established in 1925, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has granted more than $375 million in fellowships to over $18,000 individuals, based on their “prior achievement and exceptional promise.”

Professor Lupták plans to work on the discovery and development of ribonucleic acids regulated by light. He will continue his study of how large biological molecules, specifically RNAs, evolve and fold into unique shapes that let them perform a variety of chemical actions. Professor Luptak is focused on devising novel molecular evolution techniques to identify paradigmatic catalytic RNAs relevant to the origin of life on Earth, as well as developing photoregulatory RNAs that are deployed as synthetic-biology tools to manipulate the transcriptomes of model organisms with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Luptak is 1 of 4 professors at UCI that earned the fellowship in the subjects of history, science, art and literary science. Please join the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in congratulating Professor Andrej Luptak on this prestigious achievement.

Click here to see full list of 2020 Guggenheim Fellows.

Click here to read full press release.

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