Alumni Spotlight: Eric Samuels


Today our alumni spotlight is Eric R. Samuels, PhD. Eric graduated from UCI with a PhD. in Pharmacological Sciences. He currently works as a Scientist in Pharmaceutical Sciences at AbbVie in Irvine. Eric was drawn to Pharmacological Sciences because it allows him to bring a molecule to life to help humankind. He is also interested in applied science, troubleshooting, and R&D aspects. He is inspired by his wife, who is a marriage and family therapist, and his two sons. “Their constant curiosity reminds me of why I became a scientist. Never stop exploring.” He admires his wife for being on the frontlines helping patients for the greater good, and tackling mental health and addiction. During his time at UCI, he cherishes his memories with his advisor Tom Poulous and his colleague/mentor Irina Sevrioukova. Thanks to them, he had a memorable and positive experience. Tom and Eric shared a life-changing memory when Eric’s wife went into labor while he was in the lab. “Becoming a father is life-changing in general, but as a graduate student, it had a profound and positive impact on how I approach problems and utilize time.” Thank you Eric for sharing your UCI experience, and telling us about your amazing family!

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