Here you will find some tips and tricks that will help you succeed in your remote/online courses. If you’ve taken online courses before you know that it requires great dedication, scheduling, and patience on part in order to be successful in your courses. Please review these tips for success!

  • Create a time blocking schedule. “Go” to class at designated times during the day/week. Log in, read lecture notes, and/or complete practice problems at a specific time for a specific class.
  • Put your schedule in writing. Create a google calendar, or hand-write a calendar for the quarter. Include homework due dates, midterms, etc.
  • Have correct expectations. Remote / online courses will have a very similar academic rigor to their face-to-face counterparts. Approach spring quarter with this in mind so that you are not caught off-guard and fall behi.
  •  Designate a space in your home/dorm/apartment just for coursework and studying.
  • Have materials available and be organized.
  • Minimize distractions by creating a place to study consistently.
  • When you’re finished with your coursework,  leave your space until next time. You can then relax in your home (watch TV, browse the internet) in another location.

     Familiarize yourself with your instructor’s online course space (Canvas), as you will likely use the online classroom environment for most daily tasks. The more familiar you are with the online systems, the more prepared you’ll be to excel in your remote courses.

  • Visit UCI’s Learn Anywhere site to get you the resources and help you need for everything related to educational technology. And visit UCI’s Coronavirus FAQ site for information on free internet access and other resources.
  • Log in to Canvas often. Daily checking for lecture videos, quizzes, papers, message boards, exam information, slides, and more will ensure you do not miss critical announcements or become overwhelmed with information overload any one day.
  • Review UCI’s Tech Prep website to make sure you’re able to be up and running remotely for Spring.
  • Read and take notes before each class ‘session.’ After each lecture, rewrite your notes in a condensed form. This is best done right after you have re-read your notes. Condense your notes into a smaller space (short & sweet!). It has the concepts (in YOUR words) that you need to understand. These make great study sheets for midterms and finals. Hint: re-writing notes 2x for each set of lectures is recommended!
  • Don’t wait to review your class notes! If you wait even a day before looking at your notes, you won’t remember the lecture and will be relying on your notes alone, instead of your memory to help you synthesize information.
  • Use your online resources to your advantage! Search YouTube and for the subjects you’re learning, 

     Consider turning your cell phone off, or downloading a website blocker.

As a reminder, the PharmSci Student Affairs Office will be working remotely until we hear otherwise. Please email or your designated counselor with any questions. We are here to ensure your success!

To succeed in your remote/online classes, it is essential to have to have stable internet access. If you are worried about unstable or poor internet connection, here are some available resources: 

  • Student Equipment will have wifi hot spots that can be loaned out for fall 2020. To request a hot spot, complete a request form here.
  • For More internet and remote learning resources, click here.

In Need of a Computer?

UCI has laptops on loan if needed for Spring 2020. To request a laptop, click below to submit a request form.