Student Spotlight: Miranda Helus, Class of 2017

Student Spotlight: Miranda Helus, Class of 2017

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Why did you decide to major in PharmSci at UCI?

I wanted to major in PharmSci because I’ve always loved helping others, and I felt that healthcare/medicine would allow me to do just that!

What clubs/activities are you involved in at UCI?

I am a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCI and am an Organic Chemistry peer tutor. I’m also a writer on Morning Sign Out at UCI.

What do you find exciting about pharmaceutical sciences today?

One thing that I find particularly fascinating is learning about drug development and design, and understanding the relationship between drugs and the human body. I also find the process of clinical trials and the importance of drug quality assurance to be interesting.

What PharmSci faculty member or class is most memorable and why?

The most memorable PharmSci class would be PharmSci 170A with Dr. Mahtab Jafari. This class sparked my interest in clinical pharmacology and made me curious about how drugs can be designed to work effectively in the body. It was overall a fun and engaging class that helped me better appreciate the importance of pharmacy in the real world.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I will be taking a gap year after graduation, but I would like to enroll in a PhD program for regulatory science or pharmacological sciences. I’d also like to work in the FDA or have a career in pharmaceutical industry/research.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

When I’m not in clubs or at school, I love to write, sing, or play video games. Also, I love watching shows and movies on Netflix.

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