Student Spotlight: Martha Ramos, Class of 2017

Student Spotlight: Martha Ramos, Class of 2017

Learn more about the involvements, accomplishments, and aspirations of our outstanding undergraduate students

Why did you decide to major in PharmSci at UCI?

When I noticed the high demand for Spanish speaking medical professionals in my community, that’s when I decided to major in a medical related field. I always had an interest in helping others. Why I chose pharmaceutical sciences specifically came from seeing how the language barrier and miscommunication between the patient and their doctor sometimes leads to patients taking the wrong medication not taking the medication properly. I want to mitigate this problem and help the Hispanic community in which I live.

What clubs/activities are you involved in at UCI?

Raza Graduation at UCI and Intramural Sports.

What do you find exciting about pharmaceutical sciences today?

I find it exciting that there is always a need for drug discovery, and that people are working hard to discover ways to minimize a drug’s side effects.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to pursue a teaching career. First, I will start off teaching high school. My goal is to return to school and obtain a higher degree so I can eventually teach at a college level.

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