Student Spotlight: Joseph Castro, Class of 2017

Joseph CastroStudent Spotlight: Joseph Castro, Class of 2017

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Why did you decide to major in PharmSci at UCI?

Before coming into UCI, I attended Medical Camp at Children’s Hospital LA. When shadowing a pediatric pharmacist, I was amazed on how there were different kinds of medications in all different forms & I admired how the pharmacist was able to explain to me how each one works. I assisted him in creating a suspension medication for one of his patients that day, and from that experience, I felt humbled knowing my small assistance was going to help improve the life of a child. From that point on, I knew my passion for healthcare and pharmacy blossomed and I knew PharmSci was the right path for me!

What clubs/activities are you involved in at UCI?

I am currently a Center Attendant at Middle Earth Housing & an upcoming SPOP staffer this summer! My involvements also include being a part of the Sigma Chi Fraternity as well as being a past board member for Circle K International, past Antleader Mentorship Program (AMP) Mentor, and studying abroad in England for the Sussex program!

What do you find exciting about pharmaceutical sciences today?

It’s exciting just to see discoveries expand and grow in today’s pharmaceutical sciences! Whether it’s improved drug delivery methods or drug targeting, it’s amazing to see how technology can help improve today’s industry & I can’t wait to contribute my education to pharmaceutical sciences, especially for mental health and pediatrics, two areas which are very close to my heart.

What PharmSci faculty member or class is most memorable and why?

I definitely admire Professor Larry Plon! His lecture style is completely engaging, especially for Pharm Sci 173. He really tries to integrate his past experiences with material he teaches in class and it’s absolutely fascinating how drugs & healthcare are really applicable to each other. I personally love talking to him because his encouragement and positive attitude is really contagious and tends to rub on me, which is great! His enthusiasm and interest in pharmaceutical sciences really inspires me to go above and beyond in my academic and career goals for the future!

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I am planning to take a gap year, so hopefully I can work as a Pharmacy Technician to gain more experience in the pharmacy setting before applying to Pharmacy School! Other than that, I hope to also go on fun adventures and explore the world!

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