Single-Minded Sibling

Single-minded siblings
“Our whole family is very, very close,” says Lamees Alhassen (right), with sister Wedad and brother Sammy. “Family and education have always been the most important things in our lives.” The three are concurrently pursuing Ph.D.s at UCI in pharmacological sciences. Steven Georges for UCI

They’re known around UCI as “the three siblings” – two sisters and a brother who not only share an on-campus apartment, but also work as doctoral students in two labs at the new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It’s an unprecedented situation, perhaps, in the annals of UCI, but for the Alhassen siblings, it feels normal.

The trio, after all, attended elementary, middle and high school together and, for a year, crossed paths at UC Riverside as undergraduates, commuting from their home in West Covina in a white Ford Focus.

And they’ve all chosen the same discipline: pharmacology.

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