Pharmaceutical Sciences Mentor Program

The program is open to all PhD graduate students who would like to have the opportunity to be in an inclusive and supportive environment. Program mentors range from 2nd to 5th years and mentees are typically the incoming class of PhD graduate students.

Phd mentors

Program Leads


  • Creating an effective and inclusive environment in which graduate students can receive helpful guidance and mentorship from senior graduate student mentors.
  • Increase matriculation by providing graduate students with the necessary resources to thrive and succeed in the PhD program.
  • Provide a structured setting where students can develop skills necessary for achieving program milestones.

This program can also help bridge and facilitate 2nd to 5th PhD graduate students with professional development and prepare for program milestones such as advancement to candidacy exams (aka “DECADE Discussion Groups.”

Mission statement

The purpose of this student-created program is to be a helpful resource to incoming students and provide a support system where first-year students are comfortable to discuss any issues, challenges, or hardships they may face. The peer-mentor structure will provide an open environment to discuss how to navigate through various situations to ultimately help optimize each student’s success.

  • Be an active listener. 
  • Be prepared to guide the mentee and share your experience in graduate school.
  • Check in with your mentee and be willing to meet with them if they are struggling.
  • Meet with mentee at least twice in the quarter (ideally on week 3 & week 9/10) 
  • Fill out an evaluation at the end of the year to assess the program and give feedback to program leaders.
  • Attend the annual mentoring program kick-off during the Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences first year orientation introduce yourself!

To enrich your experience as a peer mentor, we encourage you to participate in this certificate program offered by UCI’s Graduate Division:
Mentoring and Excellence Certification 

  • Be an active participant! 
  • We want you to not only share your experiences with us as a mentor but feel free to reach out (text, email, call, etc.) when you are struggling or need advice. 
  • As mentors are here to guide you, but we ultimately cannot do that until we are notified from YOU as the mentee if you’re struggling.  

This program is here to help you with your transition to graduate school, we also strongly recommend/encourage you to build a community within your cohort! Share your ideas, struggles, and accomplishments; no one will know exactly what you’re going through but them!! Creating a closely-knit cohort is a successful and great way to get through grad school! <3