Why Should I Apply for a Master’s of Science in Pharmacology?

Why Should I Apply for a Master’s of Science in Pharmacology?

The Master of Science in Pharmacology (MSP) program at UCI caters to working professionals. Prospective students that are interested in or currently working in the pharmaceutical industry or related fields can benefit from the MSP program. Due to the flexibility of the program, students are able to manage their time to work and take courses.

If you are interested in advancing your career in pharmaceutical or biotech industries or enhancing your competitiveness for admission to other programs such as a PhD, PharmD, MD, DDS, etc. the MSP program is for you!

This is a two-year, online degree program that is geared toward teaching students:

  • The fundamental principles of pharmacology
  • Mechanisms of drug action
  • Current topics in drug discovery
  • Strategies, techniques and critical thinking skills needed for drug research

The online format of the MSP program allows for greater flexibility and ease of attendance regardless of geographical location.

Prospective students can apply to the MSP program by submitting an application and supporting materials (GRE is NOT required) by June 15.

For more information, please visit the MSP website or email mspharm@uci.edu.

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