Mahtab Jafari: Reach for the Moon and Land on it

Mahtab Jafari

Mahtab Jafari: Reach for the Moon and Land on it

As part of the Iranian Americans’ Contributions Project (IACP), a series of interviews that explore the personal and professional backgrounds of prominent Iranian-Americans, the Huffington Post has written a feature on Professor Mahtab Jafari, our founding faculty member, that explores her personal and professional achievements in science.

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About Mahtab Jafari

Professor Mahtab Jafari was recruited to UCI to develop the new Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Program and helped develop the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a founding faculty member. She is currently Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at UCI with a research focus on slowing the aging process and adding healthy years to human life through a science that she introduced as Healthspan Pharmacology. Using human cultured cells, fruit flies, and mice she studies the impact of botanical extracts and dietary supplements on aging.

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