Graduate Division Forms

The majority of the forms you will need throughout your graduate education can be found on the Graduate Division Forms page.

Below are some of the most common forms you will need and instructions for completing them:

Change of Major (MCP Students)

MCP students must complete this when they select their home department after Year 1.

Advancement to Candidacy – PhD Form I

You must complete this form and bring it to your Advancement Exam to obtain your committee’s signatures.

Obtaining a Master’s Degree

After completion of the advancement exam, Pharmacological Science PhD students may apply to obtain an MS degree using the Advancement to Candidacy – Master’s form (different form from the PhD Form 1).

Signature Page/Report of Final Examination for the PhD Degree – PhD Form II

You must complete this form and bring it to your Dissertation Defense to obtain your committee’s signatures.

PhD Dissertation Submission Checklist

All the items on this checklist, including the checklist itself, must be submitted to the Graduate Division after your dissertation has been submitted and accepted by the library.

Filing Fee Petition

If all you have left is to defend and submit your dissertation, you may pay the filing fee your final quarter.

PharmSci Department Forms

Research Advisor/Department Choice Form

Complete this form at the end of your first year of study.  You will not be able to continue in the program if you are not able to secure an advisor by June 30.

Individual Development Plan & Advisement/Doctoral Committee Meeting Report