Cardiology Today: Cannabinoids and drug-drug interactions with CV medications

To date, the mechanism of action of cannabinoids is not fully understood. Given the complexity and variability of their pharmacology, there is potential for clinically significant DDIs. Though limited case reports and in vitro and clinical studies have evaluated DDIs between cannabinoids and other drugs, data remain lacking, and there is no consensus regarding when these interactions become clinically significant. However, it is important to understand how cannabinoids interact with other drugs and the potential risks for patients on concomitant medications.

This article highlights clinically relevant interactions between cannabinoids and common CV medications.

Find the full article here.

Co-authored by Christine Cadiz, PharmD, MA, BCPS, a health sciences clinical associate professor in the department of clinical pharmacy practice at UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences in Irvine, California.

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