Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Roehl

Today we are highlighting Rachel Roehl, our Anteater in Pharmacy chapter Events Chair. She graduated with a B.S in Bio Sci in 2019. Currently, she lives in San Francisco where she is a first year pharmacy student at UCSF School of Pharmacy. She chose to be a pharmacist because it has vast opportunities and the ability to push the field forward in the future. Personally, she also went through the loss of a loved one who refused to take medications due to a misunderstanding of the way drugs work in the body. She wants to be a trusted source for patients and help ensure that others understand the benefits of medications in the hope that others do not experience what she endured. She is inspired by those who are themselves and unafraid to speak of their experiences and failures. Her favorite memory from UCI is participating in the Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCI where she met amazing people and grew both personally and professionally. Her message to current students is to embrace your failures and learn from them. “I am a firm believer that everyone has something unique to provide through perspective, knowledge, or life experience, and your ability to provide this is not dictated by your failures.” Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us Rachel, we’re lucky to have you on our board!

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