Alumni Spotlight on Tiffany Jomoc, Class of 2014

Tiffany Jomoc

Alumni Spotlight on Tiffany Jomoc, Class of 2014

Learn what our PharmSci Alumni Tiffany Jomoc is up to and where her educational journey has taken her

Tell us where you are now.

I am currently a second year pharmacy student at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. I am very involved in leadership (Class of 2018 Secretary, member of Phi Delta Chi professional fraternity, Phi Lambda Sigma National Pharmacy Leadership Society, APhA-ASP Professional Skills Vice President, and MWU Student Ambassador). As a student leader, I developed a program that reaches out to pre-pharmacy colleges to establish mentorships.

I work to enhance the professional skills of pharmacy students and involve them in pharmacy related programs (student panels, workshops, mixers, etc). I am involved in fundraising for my pharmacy class and also volunteer in the community. I also manage our pharmacy newsletter that is distributed school-wide.

Why did you choose to major in PharmSci at UCI?

Since my freshman year in high school, I wanted to be a pharmacist. My high school career class made us research colleges we wanted to attend. I had always planned to major in biology or chemistry and I didn’t even know that pharmaceutical sciences existed. I found out that UCI recently created this major and it automatically became my number one school. I had a high school friend who got accepted and was able to visit the dorms and attend a lecture. I loved how beautiful the weather and campus was, and I liked how many multicultural and academic organizations there were. It was also safe and close to the city, beaches, great food, and Disneyland! I bought a yearly pass almost immediately. Everything about the school was a dream come true and wouldn’t change my UCI college decision for a second.

What do you find exciting about pharmaceutical sciences today?

As someone who constantly likes accomplishing and learning new things for the betterment of my community and myself, I am drawn to areas with the opportunity to grow and affect people. I think the field of pharmacy is very versatile in that the roles of a pharmacist are constantly developing and changing. With these changes, it is becoming one of the most important jobs in the medical field in which we can directly influence patient’s lives and healthcare outcomes. I feel pharmaceutical sciences has more opportunities than people realize and it’s exciting that I can learn and grow with the profession.

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