Alumni Spotlight: Luiz Passalacqua

Luiz Passalacqua

Say hello 👋👋 to our alumni spotlight Luiz Passalacqua. Luiz graduated in 2019 with a Ph.D in Pharmacological Sciences. 😲🤯 He was born in raised in Sao Paolo, Brazil but now resides in Rockville, MD. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Health. At his job he gets to solve structures of very small molecules using techniques such as X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM. He is inspired by curiosity because it drives humans to advance. 🤗🤔 His favorite UCI spot is the entire campus because he misses the beauty of it and being able to walk around campus. 😍 Thank you Luiz for sharing your story with us!

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