Orange County Health Experts Talk Vaccines and How to Move Forward Safely

 On December 18th, 2020, Dean Jan Hirsch along with other Orange County health experts, came together for an Orange County Business Council panel event to educate the community on vaccines and what people need to know about how to move forward safely.

Dr. Clayton Chau, Director of the Orange County Health Care Agency, discussed what an accelerated vaccine process will look like as well as covering the first vaccines to the market (Pfizer and Moderna) and how they differ.

With anxieties high it was important give the audience an understanding of what the vaccine was and driving home the sentiment that the vaccine isn’t going to fix everything over night, Dr. Hirsch stating “This is a long road, this is just the beginning, we still need to keep up all of our precautions, this isn’t going to fix everything right away.”

To learn more about Covid Vaccines, from Orange County experts click here to watch the full Vaccine panel from December 18th, 2020. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention also provides in depth information to help give communities a better understanding.

-Maurisa Jones/UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

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