Undergraduate FAQ


When is the last day I can drop a course without penalty?

  • Students may drop lecture and discussion sections up until the end of the second week of classes. For labs, the deadline is the day before the first day of instruction. (Please refer to the comments section in the Schedule of Classes for specific deadlines).

If I drop a course, will there be a notation on my transcript?

  • If you receive approval to drop a course after the sixth week, you will receive a ‘W’ (withdrawal) notation on your transcript. There are no exceptions. Please note that drops ater the week 2 deadline require exceptional approval through Enrollment Exception and are only granted under extenuating circumstances that prevent you from being able to attend class and can be documented.
My enrollment window just opened, why am I only allowed to enroll in 18 units and can I have that unit cap lifted?
  • The Registrar’s office initially restricts the amount of units an undergraduate student can enroll in to 18 units. The Pharm Sci department is not authorized to lift the 18-unit cap. The Registrar will lift the 18-unit cap to 20 units at the beginning of the second enrollment period; check the Registrar’s Calendar for specific dates when this happens.

Can I take more than 20 units in one quarter?

  • Enrolling in more than 20 units requires permission from the Pharm Sci Student Affairs office and is normally allowed only in special circumstances by students who have demonstrated that they can handle the rigorous course load. You will need to complete an Undergraduate Petition and return it to the PharmSci Student Affairs Office for approval.

Can I take less than 12 units a quarter?

  • Students who wish to take fewer than 12 units must apply for Part-Time Study, which is approved only under specific university guidelines. Housing and financial aid may also be impacted and students should consult with those offices. Students that are having trouble enrolling in 12 units should consult with their academic advisor for suggestions. A number of workload credit options are available for students to meet their unit minimums.

What if I haven’t satisfied the prerequisite for one of the PharmSci courses?

  • You need to submit the Instructor’s Permission to Enroll form, in this situation. Print this form and bring it to you instructor. If you receive a signature of approval from the instructor, bring it to the Pharm Sci Student Affairs office for authorization to enroll.

When am I required to submit an Enrollment Exception?

  • An Enrollment Exception request must be submitted through your Student Access account when you are trying to:
    • Add, drop, or change the grading option for variable unit courses after the Week 2 deadline.
  • Log in to your Student Access page to do this but be aware that there is no guarantee that the exception will be approved. PharmSci strictly upholds all drop, add, and change of grade deadlines and exceptions are only approved under extenuating circumstances that can be documented.

Why am I not able to enroll in a course using WebReg?

I took one or more of the prerequisites for a course at another institution outside of UCI, but WebReg is not allowing me to enroll. How do I obtain authorization to enroll in this course?

  • Contact the department or school that the course it belongs to. For example, to receive authorization for ECON 20A, you will need to contact the School of Social Sciences.

Is there a restriction on the number of times I can retake courses?

  • UCI’s policy for repeating courses is limited to 4 four-unit courses or 16 units of which a grade of C- or below was earned. After the 16 units, any repeated courses will be averaged with the original grade receive in that course. Please refer to the UCI General Catalogue for more information.
  • Many classes restrict repeating students from enrolling until later in the registration period. Some classes will require you wait until Open Enrollment to enroll as a repeat, some will make you wait until the first day of class before you can enroll; check the SOC comments for details about the school/department repeat policy.


Academic Planning

Can I take PharmSci courses for a P/NP grade?

  • PharmSci majors may not take any required courses for P/NP credit, unless the course is offered P/NP only such as Bio 100 and 194S. If you would like to take a G.E. course P/NP we encourage you to meet with a counselor to discuss this further. Students may count a total of 12 units of courses designated P/NP only toward their graduation requirements.

Can I take a class at UCI even if I have satisfied the category through AP/IB credit?

  • Students cannot earn units or grade credits at UCI from courses that have already been satisfied by AP/IB credit. Students that enroll in courses at UCI that have already been exempt by AP/IB credit will have those courses specially coded on their transcript without unit or grade credit.

Can I take courses at a community college or another university for credit towards required courses for the PharmSci major?

  • Yes, but only for lower division requirements. If you plan to take a course at another UC, a community college, or state school in California, please check to be sure that the course is approved for transfer credit. If you plan to take a course out-of-state, you will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor and submit a course syllabus for approval. Always consult with an academic counselor before you begin a course at another university for clarification regarding the transferability of the course(s).

I want to take a BIO course at another institution over the summer, how do I know which course to take and if its equivalent to the course I need?

  • You will need to submit a “Course Equivalency Petition” with the School of Bio. However, PharmSci majors are highly advised to take all lower division major required courses at UCI.
  • Once the School of Bio has reviewed your petition and approved the courses as equivalent, please forward this information to the PharmSci Student Affairs Office at 144 Bison Modular, bldg. 515.

A class I took at another institution is not showing up on my DegreeWorks. What should I do?

  • If the course was taken at a community college, check the course articulation and equivalency by visiting Then check to see if the course is showing up on the electives section of your DegreeWorks. If it’s not showing, and you are certain you sent the transcript to the UCI Admissions Office, then contact the Registrar at (949) 824-6124.
  • If the course is showing in the electives portion of your DegreeWorks but is not assigned to a particular requirement, then please send an e-mail to the Pharm Sci Student Affairs office at

What are the requirements for changing my major to PharmSci?

  • The change of major and transfer requirements can be found here.

When can I submit an application for a change of major to PharmSci?

  • Change of major applications are only accepted and reviewed during the first 7 weeks of every quarter. Students will not be approved for a change of major into Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences unless they meet the change of major criteria and can complete the degree in a total of four years for students entering UCI as freshmen and three years for students transferring to UCI.
  • Second majors will not be approved unless the student can complete both the degree and double major in a total of four years for students entering UCI as a freshman and three years for students transferring to UCI.

I’d like to obtain a minor, how do I do that?

  • Most minors do not need to be officially declared with the exception of Civic & Community Engagement, Educational Studies, Management, and Accounting, which require students to apply for the minor in advance. For all other minors, you may send an e-mail request to in order to have the minor added to your DegreeWorks. You may also find minor requirements in the UCI General Catalogue. To officially receive a minor, you must list it on your application for graduation.

What is considered “Normal Progress” and “Good Standing”?

  • Normal progress simply means that a student is completing coursework within four academic years if entered UCI as a freshmen or three academic years if entered UCI as a Transfer. To maintain good standing a student must have a cumulative and quarterly GPA of a 2.0.

What is an Academic Contract?

  • An academic contract is required of students who are not in good standing and/or not making normal progress in the PharmSci major. An Academic Contract is used to ensure students are successful at UCI. Academic Contracts vary and if you are in jeopardy of not maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA, 2.0 quarterly GPA, and a 2.0 or higher in Bio, Chem or any of the sciences you need to meet with a counselor ASAP.

What happens if I do not meet my academic contract?

  • If you do not meet your Academic Contract, you may be Academically Disqualified from the University, effective the end of the academic year designated on your contract. In some cases, a student may appeal.

What is the lowest acceptable grade for a required upper division class?

  • For classes that ARE a pre-requisite to another required upper division class, you have to get a C- or better. E.g. Getting a D for PharmSci 170A will prevent you from moving on to 170B the following quarter.
  • For classes that ARE NOT a pre-requisite to a required upper division class, you can get a D as long as your cumulative and major GPA is above 2.0.

When are certain Upper Division biology classes offered?


Graduation & Commencement

How do I apply to graduate?

  • You must file an Application for Graduation online in Student Access by the deadline stated for the quarter in which you expect to graduate. To do so, login to Student Access under WebReg, click the Applications tab on the left, and select GRADUATION. Submit an application when you have at least 120 units of cumulative credit.
  • More information about graduation requirements, application deadlines, commencement and graduating with honors can be found HERE.

What does it mean to gradaute with Latin Honors?

  • Approximately 12% of Pharm Sci graduating seniors will be awarded academic honors (Latin Honors); 1 percent summa cum laude, 3 percent magna cum laude and 8 percent cum laude. Academic honors is determined and awarded based on a student's cumulative GPA at the end of their final term at UCI. The Pharmaceutical Sciences Department calculates honors eligibility based on historical data. The GPAs of students who received summa, magna and cum laude honors over the past three years have been averaged and those GPA averages used to determine the top 12% of the year’s graduating class.
    For students completing their degree requirements in the Spring, Latin Honors for the annual commencement program will be conditional, and based on Winter grades. Actual honors that will be posted to your transcript and diploma will be calculated using your GPA after your final quarter at UCI.
    The GPA cutoffs for Latin Honors for students graduations Summer 2015 - Spring 2016 are:
    • Summa Cum Laude (top 1%): 3.964 
    • Magna Cum Laude (next 3%): 3.862 
    • Cum Laude (next 8%): 3.712
    Students must adhere to UCI’s academic honesty policy and have no charges of academic dishonesty on their record. In addition, students must complete 72 quarter units in residence at a UC campus by the end of the final term at UCI to be eligible to receive Latin Honors.

Where can I find more information about the UCI Commencement Ceremony?

  • Commencement Information:
  • Commencement Questions:
  • Commencement Ticket information:
    • Graduates reserve guest tickets online. Children under the age of 2 remaining on a parent’s lap do not need tickets.
  • For relatives who need to obtain a visa to attend your commencement:
    • Graduates can write their own invitation letter for their family member. Also, the International Center encourages graduates to obtain an enrollment verification from the Office of the Registrar. UCI does not write these letters, nor are they required by the U.S. Consulate. For additional information, please contact UCI's International Center.

Post Graduation & Career Options

Can I work as a Pharmacist after graduating with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences?

  • No, in order to become a Pharmacist, you must complete a PharmD from a certified Pharmacy School. However, a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UCI will prepare you for graduate degree programs in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, structural biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and many other disciplines at the interface of chemistry and biology. This degree will also prepare you for application to professional degree programs such as pharmacy, medical, or dental school.

What are my career options for graduating with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences?

  • Pharmaceutical scientists can pursue a variety of jobs. They are employed by pharmaceutical companies. They work as pharmacists, doctors, and as researchers and professors at universities, as regulatory scientists for agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and as researchers at national laboratories such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

If I major in PharmSci, is Pharmacy School my only option after graduation?

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences prepare students for professional schools in health care such as medical school, pharmacy school, dental school and nursing. You can also pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences’ related fields. Other options include law school if interested in pharmaceutical patent law or to work in pharmaceutical industries.