Pharmacological Sciences Ph.d program

Program of study

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a program leading to a PhD in Pharmacological Sciences with a Concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students who apply directly to the concentration complete the program requirements as summarized in the sample program Timetable. For more detailed information about the course requirement, visit our page in the UCI General Catalogue.

Alternatively, students may choose to enter through the Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (MCP) graduate gateway program, in which they complete required coursework, lab rotations, and other activities intended to provide a broad foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences. At the end of this first year of this interdisciplinary training, they transition from MCP into the Pharmaceutical Sciences Concentration (or other participating program with MCP) to begin their more focused doctoral research under the guidance of a faculty member; current areas of study in Pharmaceutical Sciences include:

  • structural and chemical biology
  • medicinal chemistry
  • structure-based drug design
  • molecular neuropharmacology
  • pharmacology of aging
  • molecular evolution
  • synthetic biology
  • natural product biosynthesis and synthase engineering
  • cancer prevention and therapy
  • gene regulation and intercellular signaling
  • computational biology and bioinformatics
  • nanomedicine for targeted drug and gene delivery

Regardless of entry portal, students in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences go on to earn a PhD in Pharmacological Sciences. Interested students should apply directly through the Graduate Division online application for graduate admissions, Interdisciplinary Studies/Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacological Sciences-PhD or through the MCP graduate gateway program. For details regarding the application process and requirements, for each program, please visit the Graduate Admissions webpage.

Visit the following link for information about the Admission and Application process for the Pharmaceutical Sciences Concentration of the Pharmacological Sciences PhD program.

Pharmacological Sciences Program Handbook

PhD handbook


Individual Development Plan (IDP) form